Calling All Soldiers Fanzine Cover

Calling All Soldiers

A charity Ginga fanzine brought to you by:
The Silver Fang Network
and Ginga Board

$416 Donated on December 31, 2018 to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Participating Artists:

Online Zine:

CoverArt by AnnaskoArt by Phantom of WolvesArt by Taea HartwellArt by LingoArt by Skink-LegsArt by Lauren LatulippeArt by Astor WilliamsArt by DeguArtsArt by Astor WilliamsArt by FlickaBeeArt by AranoArt by Sketch-ShepherdArt by SpaceDeityArt by BlaizeArt by TrollberserkerArt by LingoArt by HohtisArt by NikumareyakuArt by Fayt's CreationsArt by HeckHound Studio

Note that this is not the entire fanzine, only entries by those who agreed to make their work publicly viewable here.

If you participated and want your piece shown here, please email [email protected]

You can view the legacy news of the fanzine on